Top 10 Essential Camping Equipment

A tent will always top the list of essential camping equipment. The Wyoming camp tent, model Trail 2, is spacious enough for two people. It also comes with a vestibule to keep your other gear like surfboards, bikes, etc. safe from unpredictable weather. The trekking poles can be used to keep the vestibule flap up. This will give the camper a neat little kitchenette that is shaded from the elements. Thus, this 2-person camping equipment can easily accommodate 5 persons if necessary.


Manufactured from the most durable and strong material like pertex, the 15 feet Stoic Sonmus sleeping bag is a must for serious campers, climbers and trekkers. The material insulates the campers from rain and unexpected changes in the weather conditions and is an indispensable piece of camping equipment. The tent zip is in the center unlike some other brands, making it easy to locate even in pitch darkness if you need to go outside. There is even a pouch that can be zipped up to the inner walls of the tent. This provision has been given so that the camper can place a hot water bottle in the pouch for additional warmth.


The Big Agnes sleeping pad, with its polyester material protects campers from cold retaining the heat of the body. Its 3.5-inch thickness gives comfort and ensures a good night’s rest even in the wild. Hence, the sleeping pad is one of the best survival camping equipment, especially in winter. The baffles fitted in the design form horizontal and vertical comfort zone so that the camper is prevented from sliding whilst sleeping in the night.


For all-weather protection the West comb Hoody LT Switch is just meant for long treks, camps, backpacking, climbing, and other adventure sports. It also has many pockets to carry essentials items like penknives, compasses, etc. There is a triceps pocket, some internal pockets and 2 Napoleon pockets. The strong lining and stitching will ensure that the small knickknacks will remain safe and dry. This long-armed jacket is an essential camping equipment, especially for regular campers.


This category of camping equipment has two important essential gear – the stove and the utensils.


What has seen a rise in popularity in the recent years is the Primus 300 Firehole stove. This has dual, self-igniting propane burners that are just perfect for a small camping party. Being a vital part of camping equipment, the stove has additional plus points like legs whose height can be adjusted and spotlights for lighting up the cooking area. The attachable screens that are part of the package protect the flames from strong winds.


This is a value-for-money camping equipment. Fitted in one pot for portability, what you get is two aluminum pots, two lids, a frying pan, a gripper, mugs, bowls, 4 plates, and a sack that can also be used for washing up. The pots are coated with non-stick material like Teflon which is bit advantage. They heat up must faster and are easy to clean, making them the very suitable camping equipment.


A lightweight foldable chair is something every camper needs to carry as part of the camping equipment. Kelty’s camp chair, model Lowdown, is made of strong nylon material and the framework is of hardened steel. The curvature of the chair and backrest are designed for maximum comfort. The armrests can be adjusted and when not in use, the chair can be folded and kept neatly in the boot. And the attached bottle holder and opener are the bonus points of this camper’s chair.


The brand “Helle” is legendary as far as camping equipment is concerned. They are well known for the unmatched quality of their camper’s knives. But the Hello Dokka is a leader among folding knives that still retains the same superior standards that one expects from the brand. This camping equipment can be used for slicing, carving and all other cutting activities while in the outdoors.


As far as camping equipment goes, there is no substitute for a good quality lamp or lantern. The Eureka Warrior is the perfect light for frequent campers. This lantern produces just enough light so that you can move round comfortable and you feel safe during the night in the outdoors. It can work continuously for 48 hours and has a dimmer if you want to save energy.


How can one go camping without a trustworthy cooler? The Kelty Cooler is the most unique camping equipment. It is a foldable cooler for saving space in the boot. Made of reinforced plastic and is padded on the sides with thick foam for double insulation. This no-spill cooler is one of the most popular brand for camping expeditions.