Online Slot Machine Rules

Very simply presented, a slot machine is composed of a screen on which you will find 3 to 5 scrolling reels. On a conventional machine, there are approximately 20 to 22 symbols per roll. Most slot machines offer between 1 and 3 winning lines (the lines on which the combinations of symbols are validated). However, some, more original, offers a very large number of horizontal, vertical or even diagonal winning lines (up to 50 or more).

How to play it

The principle of the slot machine is simple: it involves aligning a winning combination of symbols on one or more pay lines.

There is the possibility of increasing the number of winnings by inserting more than one coin into the machine. Of course, in the event of a winning combination, the larger the amount wagered at the start, the greater the winnings. On the slot machines are, therefore, the button ” Bet One, “which allows us to restart the bet by level (a coin, a token, a euro, etc.) and the button ” Bet Max,” which will make you play the bet directly maximum allowed. This button will automatically launch the reels after placing it. ” Cash / Credit ” is used to withdraw from the game.

To play, finally, just pull the joystick for classic slot machines or press a button or on the touch screen for more modern versions.

Each slot machine has a silver entry to place your bets, either for a coin, for a ticket, or for a magnetic card. In return, we have a coin bin where we collect the winnings. When you play online, all of this is obviously done with the tip of your mouse pointer.

Variants of online slots

You can find two types of slot machines online:

  • The mechanical, in other words, the classic slot machines that are found in all casinos. They have 3 reels and, generally, a pay line.
  • Electronics, more advanced slots called video slots, can have up to 6 reels and many pay lines. They also offer features (game options) to ensure maximum winnings for players.

Game features or options

With increasingly worked renderings, game publishers are striving to develop original slot machines. Thus, a video slot machine can be embellished with a mini-game, an option “Quit or double.” Likewise, you will be able to win free spins, profit multipliers by accumulating specific symbols. In this case, we are talking about special symbols called Scatter.

Special Wild symbols are used as Joker symbols to complete a winning combination. They are also used to unlock game levels, even an additional reel or new pay lines.…