Baccarat rules

Often considered a casino malaysia game reserved for the jet-set, baccarat is generally played in private rooms. Easy to play, it has a few simple rules that allow you to win a lot. Traditionally, the stakes are often high, which quite limited the number of followers and reflected a certain elitist image of the game. With the democratization of online casino games, however, you too can try your hand at the favorite game of James Bond and this, without necessarily going to such high bets,!

The purpose of this casino game

Like blackjack, the principle of baccarat is to reach or get as close as possible to a point count. In this case, it will ideally be to score 9 points with two cards in hand. Unlike blackjack, however, baccarat rules will allow you to exceed the target number. In other words, the player (or the laying) is not put out of play if he achieves a hypothetical score of “10 points and more”. This score will not be considered as such

A baccarat table can bring together up to 12 players with two decks of at least 52 cards. The objective of the baccarat game is to guess which of the bank or the player called “laying” has the best hand; that is to say has the hand closest to 9 points. You, therefore, bet either on the bank or on the laying or either on the equality of the two hands.

Counting points

In baccarat, the goal is to have the hand closest to 9 to win. Having a winning hand is called natural baccarat. To this end, you must obtain 8 points or 9 points from the first distribution. If the bank and the laying both have natural baccarat, it is the highest hand which wins.

In baccarat, digital cards from 2 to 9 retain their value. The King, the Queen, the Jack, and the 10 all count for 0 while the Ace counts for 1 point.

It was previously mentioned, for the purpose of the game, that the player or the lay could get more than 9 points. In reality, the rules of baccarat provide for a different way of counting points. Because, in the case where the sum is greater than or equal to 10, we do not keep the decimal. To make it clearer, here are two examples:

  • If the hand consists of a 5 and a 7, which gives 12, we only keep the 2. This hand will, therefore, have 2 points as value.
  • Another example: if you have two cards in hand, a 9 and another 9, that is to say, a sum equal to 18, your hand, therefore, equals 8. What is more, you have there a winning hand.

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