over a decade ago, when Progressive Insurance Company and General Motors Assurance Company GMAC began to offer mileage linked discounts through combined GPS technology and cellular systems that tracked miles driven. These discounts were and still are often combined with ancillary benefits like roadside assistance and vehicle theft recovery. Recent accelerations in technology have increased the effectiveness and cost of using telematics, enabling insurers to capture not just how many miles people drive, but how and when they drive too. The result has been the growth of several UBI variations, including Pay As You Drive PAYD, Pay How You Drive PHYD, Pay As You Go, and Distance Based Insurance. Pricing of UBI The pricing scheme for UBI deviates greatly from that of traditional auto insurance. Traditional auto insurance relies on actuarial studies of aggregated historical data to produce rating factors that include driving record, credit based insurance score, personal characteristics age, gender, and marital status, vehicle type, garage location, vehicle use, previous claims, liability limits, and deductibles. What is Insurance Salvage Recovery?Insurance salvage recovery is the reclamation of all salvageable parts of a vehicle through auction or other sale.

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In that case, the nonprofit itself is vulnerable if it is named in a lawsuit resulting from the accident.